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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Archana's Art Work

-By V.Subramaniyam

"Archana Yadav is an Expressionist, who works with forms through the variation of hues and contrast..."

"....Her artistic landscape generously encompasses her philosophy of life and can be explained and understood in terms of emotions and feelings...."

"....The understanding has to be transformed to state of insight. The intense stimulating quality of Archana’s work is both soothing and contemplative and strives to establish contact with one’s true self...."

"....Her work captures her varied moods imbued with a sensitive touch of her own beautiful world of feelings, thoughts and an urge to explore peace and serenity from the outer world...."

"...Here is a work that covered a long way through
number of stages preceded by colorful abstract, geometrical composition and now going towards minimalism that comes from maturity as she is growing and maturing as an artist...."

"....She feels strongly that art has a task of its own to accomplish service of imaginative life...."

"....White clouds, water, extreme cloud, and extreme heat: these belong to the kingdom of white...."

"...Is light white?

Archana seems to dwell on that question...."

"....Light, equated with white reflects the purity of the desert, the leveling down of multiplicity...."

"...White symbolizes the unity of colors...."

"....She has not removed the colors from her palette, only covered it, compressed, underneath...."

".....Her lucid precision is with regard to the field of canvas, where the limitless reach of the inner space is manifested, and an invitation to swim in infinity is proposed...."

"...The work displayed here is showing her inner messes of thoughts through some dark forms and the light forms, which signals her ambition to go beyond infinity..."

"...By implanting a fully sensuous volume to the white, dwelling on harmonic order shows the desire of seeking infinite space."
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