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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

About me

I grew up with colours, brushes and paintings, as my dad is an artist by hobby. So I never felt uncomfortable with brush and canvas from my childhood. I began my work with realistic art and painted realism for many years. After completing formal education I completed my formal initiation into the world of art by obtaining a masters' degree in fine art from a government college, Bhopal.

Gradually as I got more involved in my work and started exploring the depths, my work was no more dependent on shapes and sizes - I had stepped into the world of Abstractism. My work is about inner resonance of feelings and there reflections that brings out the forms and rhythmic symphony of hues and colors.

For me painting is very internal and personal. It's a communication by the medium of emotions that establishes a fine balance between forms and heartfelt hand strokes. I love to work on canvas as it attracts me to communicate with it. My conversation with the canvas continues until I reach the pinnacle of thoughts. There has been nothing between my canvas, and me sometime it has been me and sometime it has been canvas, controlling the forms and shape of work. The process is so natural and I make no pretensions of showing my emotions and feelings through my art, but I do not stop these from emerging either.


Blogger chandra said...

i just chanced upon your url and i am very happy that i did too... i can't call myself as an abstract artist but i am trying... i liked your work very much and whenevr you display in mumbai again, please do tell me so i can come visit...you can see my work on www.shekhu.deviantart.com

please let me know what you feel about my work on my mail id.


4:16 PM  

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